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This is a podcast with a difference where all the guests are from the world of alternative performance; burlesque dancers, illusionists, fetish acts, drag queens, character acts, circus clowns, sword swallowers & special FX make up artists. 

Feb 18, 2019

This week I chat to Jess Abouzied / Aerial Acrobatic and Circus Skills Teacher

Jess quickly realised that her love of performing and being upside down was a perfect match for circus. With the career goal of being ‘professionally awesome’ she enrolled on Greentop’s full time Circus In Performing Arts course and has...

Feb 14, 2019

A great episode 12 incredible guests from stalls from in and around the Tatcon 2018 festival. I start with the organiser Pat Deacon, who was in his mobility scooter nipping about still keeping the event going. I chat to Mike Gregory, a belt buckle salesman, then Nick Henderson who runs a rapture care sanctuary....

Feb 11, 2019

This week I chat to Natalie Goode and Danielle Whitehead, both performers and providers of all things entertainment! Also costume designer/makers, fire breathers and eaters.

I caught up with Natalie and Danielle at last year's Tatcon 2018, we had a chat about the perils of using fire as a main prop plus the hazards of...