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This is a podcast with a difference where all the guests are from the world of alternative performance; burlesque dancers, illusionists, fetish acts, drag queens, character acts, circus clowns, sword swallowers & special FX make up artists. 

Jul 31, 2018

This week I chat to the fabulous and gorgeous Verushka Darling, international drag queen, multi award winning, multi qualified, multi gendered, multi talented, multi tasking, multi media megastar...with lovely shoes.

Based in Sydney, Australia. Verushka has been performing for many years bringing glamour and style to her shows and her unique brand of comedy. I was lucky to grab this very busy lady for a chat, so get a coffee or tea sit back and enjoy my lovely guest Verushka Darling!


In her own words:

"We used to live in Hong Kong, and when we visited my parents' friends they had some ornamental glass slippers on the mantelpiece. I slipped them on... a showgirl was born."


You can find Verushka Darling here:

Facebook: Verushka Darling

Instagram: Verushka.Darling