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This is a podcast with a difference where all the guests are from the world of alternative performance; burlesque dancers, illusionists, fetish acts, drag queens, character acts, circus clowns, sword swallowers & special FX make up artists. 

Aug 19, 2018

This week I chat to the very talented Dominic Frisby, character comic, voice-over artist, actor, stand-up and author.

Dominic started his career as an actor and voice over artist, then by chance graduating onto the comedy circuit by chance via his brother who knew Malcolm Hardee, a legendary London stand up of his day.

Dominic achieved great success in the character comedy world as his many guises of The Upper Class Wrapper, Maurice the Morris Dancer, Ludvig the Bavarian and many more. 

Frustrated by promoters attitudes towards character comedy, he moved into writing, an interest in finance and bitcoins yielded two books and a host of speaking engagements and writing for financial magazines. 

But never leaving his passion for comedy, Dominic continues to delight and enthral audiences performing stand up and also compering his own one man show as part of the Edinburgh Festival 2018. A big thank you to Dominic for taking the time to come on the podcast!

If you want to find Dominic he can be found here:

Facebook: Dominic Frisby

Twitter: Dominic Frisby


Instagram: @frizzers