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This is a podcast with a difference where all the guests are from the world of alternative performance; burlesque dancers, illusionists, fetish acts, drag queens, character acts, circus clowns, sword swallowers & special FX make up artists. 

Oct 7, 2018

This week I chat to David Bonfadini aka The Magic Crasher.

David Bonfadini “The Magicianist” inspires us all to “Keep it Real, Keep it Magic, Keep it Real Magic.” As a result of Bonfadini’s primarily auto-didactic (self-taught) ways, David has developed a completely original presentational style and truly unique ways of performing even the simplest of effects, transcending his audience’s typical shock and awe into pure astonishment and wonder. His demeanor and personality, combined with his passion, talent for sleight-of-hand magic and Master Improv skills allows him to control his audience, big or small, street or stage, without them ever feeling imposed upon. David is also an expert at improvisation and ad-libbing, allowing him to give every audience a unique show, engaging them on both an intellectual and visceral level.
In addition to being a true master of the challenging arts, Bonfadini also is a member of the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, He is a natural character with witty ways ensuring that his audience will be asking for more.

Bonfadini Sticks out in the Magic World. He has created a market for Guerrilla Marketing, Magic, and Social Media together along with Product placement from major Companies. David’s past Clients include Rockstar Energy Drink, Nixon Watches, Spy Sunglasses, Brownie Brittle, and Many more. Among this unique innovated way of Marketing and Product placement, Bonfadini also has been researching and developing a course on Autism & Magic Therapy. Bonfadini will never stop using his Gift and Passion for People and Magic until the whole world feels his Magic!

Youtube: The Magic Crasher

Twitter: @BonfadiniMagic

Instagram: themagiccrasher

Facebook: The Magic Crasher