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This is a podcast with a difference where all the guests are from the world of alternative performance; burlesque dancers, illusionists, fetish acts, drag queens, character acts, circus clowns, sword swallowers & special FX make up artists. 

May 27, 2018

This week I chat to Daniel Dorian Johnson better known as Mr Freak, a sword swallower, fire eater and a blockhead! Not a member of Ian Dury's backing band but a common term for a lot of circus acts who like to nail things into their heads and other parts of the anatomy!

Mr Freak the sideshow geek, has been performing his incredible act for some years now, his stage name deriving from, in part an ode to the old freak show acts of the day like Zippo and Joseph Merrick aka The Elephant man.

Mr Freak also talks about the different styles of sideshow acts between the UK and USA plus taking us on a journey through the history of sword swallowing! And remember don't try any of this at home!! It's bloody dangerous!

You can find Mr. Freak here:

Facebook: Daniel Dorian Johnson (Mr Freak)

Instragram: mrfreak_swordswallower